A Sciku

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Photo by USGS on Unsplash

vessel for wondrous,
beauty in the uncomely
nudge to heed the hint

For me, the use of the fruit fly in science is a reminder to look deeper into the beauty that is the natural world. On the surface, fruit flies and their relatives appear to be annoying and insignificant. Despite this, apart from their use in the labs, they are responsible for pollinating plants, decomposing dead organisms, and act as biocontrol agents feeding on pests. We have so much to learn from the smallest of our critters on earth.

Studying medicine, I was constantly amazed by how intricate and interconnected the body is. Similarly so, studying science, I am constantly amazed that every organism has its purpose and plays its role in the greater picture — with so many of these functions being performed unbeknownst to us. …

A flight of Christmas limericks

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Photo by Miriam Espacio on Unsplash

Drinking a wine on an empty belly,
In waft the fumes of the pork belly,
I sway into the tree,
Fall into a pile of debris,
Thank God they’re all watching telly.

After a faint knock at the door,
Like soldiers marching off to war,
They make their way in,
With beer, wine and gin,
We eat until we cannot eat anymore,

Time to pass around the presents,
I shake for a clue of the contents,
Are they socks,
Or maybe some jocks,
The most important of all sacraments.

I stumble around in my new loafers,
The family passed out on both sofas,
Nibbling at the remaining ham,
It contracts my diaphragm,
I spew up all over the leftovers. …

A photo diary

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Photos by Author

Taking a moment to reflect on the year, I realised that it’s been a year of big screen time. I no longer really desire to watch yet another Netflix series, and that’s because I’ve watched so many this year.

It got me thinking, I know I have watched a lot this year, but which ones? They seem to have all blurred into one. Nothing too impressive I guess.

My mind turned, and I had a memory of two years ago. A weekend away camping. How vivid those memories are. Walking along the coast through the trees. Reaching the top of the path and being astonished by the openness. I still remember the exact moment, the feeling I got. …

Taxes on alcohol: Do they really work?

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An Australian Wine in Germany — Photo by Author

Going shopping in Germany, I always find it so fascinating (and slightly sad) that I can find Australian wine cheaper here than I can in Australia. 17,000 kilometres away….. and somehow cheaper. It can be harvested, processed, bottled, shipped, unloaded and delivered into the supermarket and at the same time leaving enough profit for all of the individual service providers. It makes you question why the wine is so expensive is in Australia. Or better yet, how much tax is put on alcohol in Australia.

According to the governmental website of Australia, when making, importing or selling wine, a wine equalisation tax (WET) of 29% will be applicable. After the WET, the general tax, or GST in Australia, comes then on top. Normally, this equates to 41.9% in taxes. …


Louis Dennis

Writing about the world and how I fit into it. Student of Science. Lover of languages and literature. Living in Germany.

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